China’s Answer To Hollywood

Chinas communist leaders have said the country must make greater use of so-called soft power to promote the nations values abroad. But critics say censorship is hampering the Chinese film industrys ability to compete with Hollywood, and even those films that get a strong reception in China have difficulties in cracking the bigger US market. Sprawling across 900 acres on the outskirts of the eastern port city famous for its Tsingtao beer, the Movie Metropolis will have 20 studios including what is billed as the worlds largest. It should produce at least a hundred films a year, according to the Wanda Group, which says it has reached preliminary agreements to ensure that 30 foreign films will be shot there each year. Local film stars such as Zhang Ziyi, Jet Li and Xu Zheng, who have themselves become international brands in their own right, were joined on the red carpet by some of the stars of Hollywood the institution Wang is looking at rivaling.

Hollywood studio trains dogs on how to fly

On Sept. 12, the phone started ringing because airports were locked down and movie and television studios couldnt shoot scenes they needed. The studio has grown to include everything from a private jet to a 747, as well as props and supplies. A guide dog takes longer and costs more than any other dog to train because they must be the eyes of their companion. So it wasnt surprising that they all went through with flying colors, Blake said.